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Penetrating damp

Damp proofing - Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp (sometimes called lateral damp) occurs when water leaks through walls, usually from rainwater but it can also arise from perpetually leaking overflow pipes and other external sources.  Causes of penetrating damp include:-

  • Broken or damaged guttering and or downpipes
  • Porous or damaged brickwork
  • Cracks in external walls
  • Poorly directed rainwater run-offs from garages & extensions
  • Bridged wall cavities

Damp proofing – Any of these factors left unaddressed can result in evidence of damp on internal walls and can look very similar to other forms of damp – damaged plaster & paint work, black mould growth, crystalline deposits etc.  In some cases, water ingress through external walls may not be evident directly inside the property as water will run down the cavity and may pool elsewhere and can be misdiagnosed as rising damp.  Usually though, evidence of penetrating damp will be at or close to the cause, often in the top corners of rooms.

Damp proofing - cracks in walls
Damp proofing - cracks in walls
Damp proofing - Results of penetrating damp
Damp proofing Damaged Guttering

If you believe you have a damp problem caused by water ingress (penetration) you can contact us to book a FREE, no obligation damp survey for your property using the adjacent form.  Please note, this is only available to property owners living in Kent including CT and ME postcode areas.

What happens when you book a survey?

  • We will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date & time for our visit
  • We will visually inspect damp areas
  • We will take detailed measurements using our specialised equipment
  • We will inspect the property inside and out for evidence of the damp source and cause
  • We will produce a report detailing our findings
  • We will include a detailed, no obligation quotation for remedial work
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