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As a small family-run business based in Herne Bay, Kent, Damp Property Solutions have over 20 years of experience in detecting the root causes of damp, eradicating the problem through the application of a wide range of modern, technological solutions firmly backed by traditional building and carpentry and roofing skills.

We use only the best and most appropriate licensed products including specialist plastering and rendering materials along with damp-proofing and waterproofing matriaSmartPropertyCares from Permagard.

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Damp and damp proofing should never be ignored and the primary cause should always be investigated and addressed for a permanent solution otherwise, in more extreme cases, it can eventually undermine the fabric of the building and at best, can cause ugly and difficult-to-deal-with patches of black mould, crumbling plaster and lifting wallpaper which, even though relatively cosmetic can, left untreated, lead to health issues amongst vulnerable groups including babies & children, the elderly, those with skin conditions such as eczema, those with respiratory problems such as COPD, allergies and asthma and those with weakened immune systems and not to mention the expense of continually needing to redecorate.  One thing is for sure …


The key in dealing with any damp issue is first investigating and then treating with the appropriate damp proofing solurtion.  The three main types of damp are explained below.

Damp proofing - Rising damp

Rising damp affects the walls of building and occurs when moisture from the ground travels up through the walls by capillary action. This means that ground water is effectively sucked up through tiny tubes in the bricks, like a series of straws. This water contains salts & minerals that also travel up through the wall and can cause damage to surrounding woodwork, steelwork, plaster, fixtures & fittings. Touch here to find out more.

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Rising damp

Damp proofing - Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp (sometimes called lateral damp) is caused by water ingress as a result of some structural failure such as faulty guttering, old porous brickwork, cavity wall problems or cracks in external walls. If left unchecked it can lead to more serious structural failure and damp which has penetrated through to internal wall surfaces leading to unsightly and unhealthy mould growth.

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Penetrating damp

Damp proofing - Condensation damp

Condensation damp is the most common type of damp and to some extent, all homes can suffer from it, albeit temporarily in some cases. Most common in high-moisture areas of the home, such as kitchens and bathrooms, if condensation is not quick to clear and is left unmanaged, it too can lead to unsightly mould growth, damage to walls, plaster, woodwork, fixtures and fittings. In modern homes, the most common cause of condensation damp is poor ventilation but in some cases, can be an indicator of more serious structural issues and should be investigated.

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