Privacy policy & terms of use

We are Smart Property Care Services Limited (company number 10931250) operating as Damp Property Solutions of 12 Ridgway Road, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 7LL.  Our website address is  You may contact us using the details at the foot of this page. 

We take the privacy of your data very seriously so we have made this page in order to explain what we do and your rights to know about what date we collect.  We never share any personal data with any third party.


Cookies are small pieces of code which are stored temporarily on your computer and which help us to help you navigate around the site and send message to us.  You can manage cookies from within your web browser  which you can learn about here.

Using the contact forms

When you use one of the contact forms on this website the information you provide is wrapped-up in an email and sent to us.  None of the information is stored on our servers and the information you provide is used by us only for the purposes of doing business with you.  Once that business is concluded, your information is electronically shredded.  At any time you may, using the form below or by telephone, request to see and have copies of any information we may have on record about you and/or the work we have done for you.

Using this website

By using and continuing to use this website, you agree to the following.

Anonymous information may be stored about your visit to this website and may be tracked for the purposes of evaluating the users’ experience and behaviours whilst on the site.  We may also track and use anonymised data about your demographic for the purposes of continuous improvement.  We use for this Google Analytics and Google Search Console – you may view more details about the data collected and its use here.

For the purposes of our own security and deterring hackers we routinely analyze the IP addresses of visitors to this website and any IP address found to be blacklisted on authorised sites will be stored by us and used to prevent further access to this website.  However, if your IP address is not suspicious, no permanent record will be kept.